The Dash Guard Story

Dash Guard was founded in the early 1970’s in Southern California at a time when auto accessories were still “Made in America” and companies took pride in their products and workmanship. Over 40 years later, Dash Guard remains true to its original mission of providing high quality, American made dash covers to owners of all types of vehicles. In the early 1990’s the business was relocated to Yuma, AZ to better serve customers located in the Sun Belt states.

In 2005 Arizona RV Parts, Inc. purchased Dash Guard as an addition to its well established Sunpro Manufacturing business unit. Together, Dash Guard and Sunpro Manufacturing are capable of offering a wide variety of sun shade products for both the RV and automotive wholesale and retail aftermarkets.

Today, Dash Guard maintains its solid reputation as the brand to ask for when shopping for a dash cover. Dash Guard is the best fitting dash cover made. Period.


Protect Your dash

The sun can ruin your dash board and in some cases it could cost 1000's to replace it. There are many spray on products that claim to protect dash boards from the harsh UV Rays of the sun and in some cases they might to a limited degree and minimal at best. Once a dash board starts to crack there is no stopping it and in most cases it will also curl up.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Weekends: Closed

Toll Free: 800-789-5588

Our Location

We are located in Wellton, AZ. Just 18 minutes east of Yuma

Arizona RV/Dash Guard
28873 Commerce Way Ste B4
Wellton, AZ 85356