Dash Guard is Owned and Operated by Arizona RV Parts, Inc.

28873 Commerce Way Ste. B4
Wellton, AZ 85356

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We Do More Than Dash Guards

RV Parts & Accessories:
We are a brick and mortar business located in Wellton, AZ just east of Yuma. We have been selling RV Parts and Accessories for 40 years in our store and for the last 15 years through mail order and the internet.

Sun Shade Products:
We manufacture and sell sun shade products for RV's and Motorhomes such as RV Windshield Covers and RV Awning Shade Products. through Sunpro Mfg. we also manufacture shade products for residential and commercial applications.

Marine Cordage:
We make marine cordage under the Hot Boat Ropes line formerly know as Hot Ropes. The products line consists of Anchor Lines, Dock Lines, Tow Ropes, Personal Water Craft Lines,
and Specialty Items. All of our Hot boat Ropes Float and are available in 20 different colors.